Leading Innovation in


To continue developing proactively in the industry it is important for a business to not just focus on competing for customers for the same range of products, but to instead try to stand out from competitors by offering products with better quality, and better design. All the while keeping in mind this must be achieved with a positive and healthy work environment.

ROLLINGDOG does not strive to be the leader in every aspect of the industry but instead focuses on key components like product innovation to make the company stand out.

Through pursuing optimal brand and product development

ROLLINGDOG has gained several recognitions in the following years:

In 2020, during the epidemic period, ROLLINGDOG continued to develop innovative new product designs, and even increased investment in this area. 3% of the sales of the year were invested into the company to keep expanding on new design and idea development. Also in 2020 ROLLINGDOG was awarded nearly 60 patents including domestic invention patents, utility patents, appearance patents, and 10 foreign patents.

In 2021 ROLLINGDOG plans to increase the investment to 5% of total sales into the brand and product development.

In May of 2021 two US patents were procured by ROLLINGDOG.

At the beginning of the following month, ROLLINGDOG applied for more than 20 patents in the European Union, The United Kingdom, the United States, South America, and Australia as well as several other countries. All in all during that month nearly 50,000 USD was invested into invention, utility model, and appearance patents.

As of June 2021 ROLLINGDOG obtained or applied for 150 patents around the world.

Through patented product innovation ROLLINGDOG is dedicated to improving the paint tool industry and making our brand a top leader in the global market.

We welcome anyone from a beginner to a professional to try our products and see what ROLLINGDOG can do to help you enjoy your painting more.